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VIDEO: Hundreds join S Africa peace march
2015-04-19 12:31:07

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio outlines immigration policy
2015-04-19 11:18:00

Bill Clinton honors Oklahoma City bombing victims on 20th anniversary
2015-04-19 11:14:00

Islamic State shot and beheaded 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya
2015-04-19 11:07:00

Oklahoma City bombing remembered 20 years later
2015-04-19 10:35:00

VIDEO: 'Migrants cross vast stretch of sea'
2015-04-19 10:26:59

Iran's leader says U.S. created "myth" of Iranian nuclear weapons
2015-04-19 09:59:00

Hundreds evacuated in Southern California brush fire
2015-04-19 08:38:00

Teaher's question goes viral
2015-04-19 07:41:56

TV show 'Sabado Gigante' says adios
2015-04-19 05:57:19

War vets tour Agent Orange victims center in Hanoi
2015-04-19 05:37:00

Replica of 18th century French ship sets sail for U.S.
2015-04-19 05:28:13

Wildfire threatens 300 homes in Southern California
2015-04-19 04:16:59

Saudi-led air strikes continue in Yemen, one ground force member killed
2015-04-19 04:14:00

Prince Harry flies a Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter in Australia
2015-04-19 03:53:00

A boat carrying hundreds of migrants capsizes
2015-04-19 03:25:53

VIDEO: Prince Harry visits Australian outback
2015-04-19 02:40:36

VIDEO: Fanfare as replica frigate sails to US
2015-04-19 02:38:00

VIDEO: End of road for Rio eviction families?
2015-04-19 02:31:30

ISIS motorbike bomber kills 33 at bank in Afghanistan
2015-04-19 01:44:32

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees arrive in Cleveland
2015-04-19 01:15:00

Police officer: 'I don't want to shoot you'
2015-04-19 01:07:15

2015 NASA Rover Challenge underway in Alabama
2015-04-19 00:40:00

Woman rescued from overturned car before it explodes
2015-04-19 00:09:46

Horrifying video of potential gas attack in Syria
2015-04-18 21:38:07

A look back at the devastating BP oil spill
2015-04-18 20:32:00

VIDEO: Can Zuma end South Africa violence?
2015-04-18 19:54:15

Capturado presunto líder del cartel del Golfo
2015-04-18 19:42:22

VIDEO: Fighting dengue fever in Sao Paulo
2015-04-18 19:26:17

Police: 2 teens held in Australia terror plot
2015-04-18 18:46:31

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